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Peruvian cuisine information

Peruvian cuisine is recognized worldwide for its mind-blowing flavour combinations, exotic ingredients, and unique culinary techniques. At Moche, we are proud to be ambassadors of this rich culinary tradition and share only the best of Peruvian gastronomy with our diners.

Noted for its fusion of indigenous, Spanish, African and Asian influences, Peruvian cuisine brings together an array of colourful products, such as chilli peppers, corn, quinoa, shellfish, and a multitude of exotic fruits. Its gastronomy has given rise to emblematic dishes such as ceviche, which reflect the history and cultural diversity of the country, combining local ingredients with traditional and contemporary techniques.

Our mission at Moche? To take you on a wild culinary journey, traversing through the vibrant flavours and exhilarating textures of Peruvian gastronomy.